10 Bridesmaids getting ready outfits (alternatives to robes)

Robes are the bridesmaids getting ready outfits most brides choose. But if you don’t like robes or if you are tired of seeing them everywhere, there are other options that your bridesmaids will definitely love.
So, here are 10 types of bridesmaids getting ready outfits that are not robes.

Advice: When choosing bridesmaids getting ready outfits, choose an option with a wide neckline or with buttons. It is important that you choose outfits that are easy to take off as you don’t want your bridesmaids’ hair and makeup to be ruined after removing their getting ready outfits.

Also, if you are looking for bridesmaids outfits, you might be interested by these 10 eshops to find the perfect bridesmaid dress!

Short pajamas

Short pajama is the second most common option of bridesmaids getting ready outfits after robes.
A great reason for choosing short pajamas is that you can be almost sure that your bridesmaids will wear them again after your wedding. A nice way to personalize them will be by adding the first letter of the name of your bridesmaids on their pajamas just like on the picture.
If you like this short pajama, you can find it in the Etsy shop of SSweddings.
If you are looking for other colors or designs, do know that they have a large selection of bridesmaids pajamas.

Bridesmaid romper

Bridesmaid rompers are so beautiful and this is definitely an original and unique bridesmaid getting ready outfit! The ones in the picture are from Piyama.
Rompers will be more elegant than pajamas but still really comfortable!

Boyfriend shirt

Remember the picture of Linda Evangelista, Christy Turlington, and other models in nothing but white shirts on a beach? A true fashion moment shot by Peter Lindbergh. If you are looking for bridesmaids getting ready outfits that are simple but iconic and timeless, boyfriend white shirts are a great option.
The ones on the picture are from the Etsy shop of PoppylovePetal.

Off the shoulder beach dress

These are definitely great bridesmaids getting ready outfits for a beach wedding or any type of summer wedding!
Off the shoulder beach dresses are really cute and the neckline is really large which is great as you don’t want your bridesmaids to ruin their make-up and hair when they have to remove their getting ready outfit.

Co-ord loungewear

While getting ready, you want your bridesmaids to feel comfortable. So, some co-ord loungewear could be a great idea as bridesmaids getting ready outfits.
If you have an autumn/winter wedding all your bridesmaids will be so thankful that you planned some warm outfits for them. Remember that the getting ready part might take some time so if there is a cold-weather it is better to plan getting ready outfits that are adapted to the temperature.
If your wedding is in spring/summer you can also have co-ord loungewear for your bridesmaids but with lighter materials and skirts or shorts.


Nightshirts are really beautiful and so easy to take off once your bridesmaids’ hair and makeup are done. This is definitely a beautiful and original option for bridesmaids getting ready outfits. Also, this is perfect for a summer wedding during a really warm day as nightshirts are most of the time really light and fluid. These beautiful nightshirts are from Piyama.

Denim shirt

Denim shirts are timeless. These beautiful denim shirts are from SippinSeaside. You can decide to have different jeans tones or not and to personalize it with your bridesmaids’ initials.
Also, this bridesmaid getting ready outfit is something your bridesmaids will love as they will be able to wear it again really easily.

Long pajamas

Long pajamas just as short pajamas are really common bridesmaids getting ready outfits. One of the main advantages of bridesmaids pajamas is that you will have tons of options.
Long pajamas are also great if you don’t want to wear a short dress/short and if you’re looking for bridesmaids getting ready outfits were your girls will be able to move freely without having to keep their dress down.
This beautiful pajama is from Piyama. If you are looking for bridesmaids pajamas, have a look at their shop as they as so many beautiful options.

Slip dress

It is now really common to see bridesmaids wear slip dress as their bridesmaid gowns. But a slip dress can also be a great option for bridesmaids getting ready outfits. If you want a casual slip dress you can play with materials and choose linen slip dress for example like the one from Pillowandpajamas (left picture). Otherwise, a silk slip dress like the one of SilkSpiritStore (right picture) is great for a really high-end bridesmaid getting ready outfit!


Two advantages: comfortable and warm! Bridesmaid’s sweatshirt is definitely a great option for a cozy getting ready and for autumn/winter weddings. Simple sweatshirts are really easy to wear so you can be sure that your bridesmaids will keep them.
The sweatshirts from the picture below are from SSweddings.

This is the end of this list! I hope you found the perfect bridesmaid getting ready outfit for your girls!
And which one would you prefer for your wedding?

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