Bridal lingerie: how to choose the best one for you?

Bridal lingerie is a really important part of your wedding day outfit. On your special day, you will spend hours moving, dancing and celebrating with your loved ones. So, the last thing you want to happen is to feel uncomfortable because of your bridal lingerie.

So, in this blog post we will explain to you everything you need to consider when choosing your bridal lingerie.

Think about support

On your wedding day, you want to be able to celebrate with your guests. Maybe you want to dance all night long with your spouse, family, and friends.
So, this might mean that you will need a bra that gives you enough support. Also, it is really personal and each bride won’t need the same amount of support. But if you usually wear bras with support, then this should be the same on your wedding day. Once again you don’t want to stop dancing just because you feel uncomfortable.

You have to feel comfortable

This means that you need bridal lingerie that fits you, which enables you to move freely and that you don’t need to put back in place. Example of the wrong piece of lingerie: the really thin thong that you always have to put back in place as it moves in a really uncomfortable area.

Try it with your wedding gown

This point is extremely important. When having your wedding gown fittings, bring your wedding day lingerie. You need to see before the wedding if the gown and the lingerie fit together. Anticipating this point means that if necessary you will have the time to make adjustments or to find other options.

It has to be seamless

You don’t want to create bumps under your wedding gown. Your bridal lingerie just like your wedding gown should enhance your look and not the contrary. So, even if you find the most beautiful lingerie set, if it creates bumps because of ribbons or lace, then this is not the right bridal lingerie for you. Remember, you want your lingerie to be invisible on your wedding day.

Wear it before the wedding

Buying new lingerie for your wedding day is great but just trying it once before the big day is definitely not a great idea.
It is highly advised to wear your wedding day lingerie for some time before your wedding to feel comfortable in it and to see if you will be able to wear this lingerie for a long and active day.
If you choose to wear shapewear on your wedding day, it is then necessary to wear this shapewear a bit before your special day to make sure you will be able to spend a whole day in it. This is even more important if you are not used to wearing shapewear.

It has to match your skin tone

When choosing bridal lingerie, don’t get too creative on the colors. The best option is to choose bridal lingerie that matches your skin tone. Also, choosing bridal lingerie that matches your skin tone means that if your wedding gown slips a bit, it won’t be seeable.

Do you need shapewear?

It all depends on your wedding gown. If your wedding gown is really fitted then shapewear might help you make all the little bumps seamless. In this case, yes shapewear can be a good idea (but is not necessary).
Also, remember that there are a lot of different types of shapewear. So, it doesn’t necessarily cover your belly, chest, and hips.
There is great shapewear for each type of wedding gown. So, if you want to wear shapewear on your wedding day, you will find one that fits with your wedding dress.
Just remember that shapewear is not really comfortable so if you choose to wear shapewear on your wedding day, make sure that you get used to it before your special day.

Is it the same bridal lingerie for the day and the night?

Most people think that they should only have one type of bridal lingerie. But this is not always the case. On your wedding day, you want your bridal lingerie to be invisible and to support you. Whereas when showing your spouse your lingerie in the honeymoon suite, you want bridal lingerie that makes you look sexy and confident. Your needs are not the same for these two moments so your lingerie should not be the same either.
If you find bridal lingerie that is seamless under your wedding gown, that supports you, and that makes you look sexy and confident, then you found the perfect one!
But most of the time, what brides want for their bridal lingerie is so different for the day and the night that it is highly advised to choose two different bridal lingerie sets if possible.

Think about the weather

Most people don’t think about this point but it is an important one to consider. Most weddings take place on sunny days with warm weather. So, when choosing your wedding day lingerie, don’t take something that will make you feel too hot! For example, if you decide to wear a corset or shapewear on a really warm day, you might regret it. So, if you want to feel totally comfortable in your lingerie set, you might also need to adapt it to the weather.

So, we just talked about everything you need to consider when choosing your bridal lingerie but always remember that your main goal is to feel totally comfortable on your wedding day.

I really hope this blog post helped you choose your bridal lingerie. If you have any other questions, don’t hesitate to ask them in the comments section.

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