Destination wedding planner in France & Italy

Aurélia Boulenger is a full-service destination wedding planner agency operating all over France and Italy. We will accompany you in all the steps of the planning of your wedding and will be there on your special day to coordinate everything so that you can fully enjoy every moment with your loved ones.

The planning process

in 6 steps


Getting to know you

The first thing we need to plan your wedding is to understand what you want. So, a first meeting will be organized to better understand the idea you have for your special day. The main points that we will talk about are the destination, the size of the wedding, the style and the budget. We will also need to understand if you have concerns about special parts of your wedding so that we can be sure to keep you stress free all along the process. If some of these points are not totally defined that's ok we are here to help you reflect on that!


Mood board

After our first meeting, we will summarize all your ideas and wishes in a moodboard of your special day. The goal of this mood board will be to make sure that what we will plan for you will totally meet all your expectations.


Budget Management

The next step will then be to present you a detailed budget forecast that will help you understand which part of your budget will be used for which vendors or services. This budget forecast will be updated after you selected the different vendors.


Venue and vendors selection

When your wishes for your wedding will be totally clear and the budget approved, the next step will be to select the best venue and vendors for your special day. We will then offer you a custom-made selection of venues, caterers, photographers, designers and more depending on your needs. We will accompany you for the visits of the venues to be able to perfectly visualize the wedding day with you.


Retroplanning and coordination

Once you selected everything you want for your special day, it will be time for us to start the retroplanning. We will keep track for you of when you will need to book the different vendors and we will coordinate them all together all along the process. So no need to keep in mind anything from now on, we will be there for that.



When the wedding day finally arrives, we will be there all along to make sure that everything goes as planned. We will then be there to coordinate all the vendors, to take care of all your last minutes needs and to help you and your guests spend a memorable moment.

Why a wedding planner?

Just to name a few...

Budget Management

You might have a fixed budget for your wedding and it will be our mission to make in sort that everything we planned does not exceed this budget.

Local experiences

When coming in France for your wedding, you might want to live some local experiences with your loved ones. We have the local knowledge to offer you customed experiences depending on your tastes and wishes.


When in France, you might cross the path of people who do not speak English. We will be there to translate if necessary.

Logistics and coordination

A wedding asks a lot of logistics management with the coordination of all the vendors before the wedding and during this special event. We will be there to keep everything on track and make sure that you stay totally stress free during all the process.

Guest management

Your loved ones might come from far away to spend this special day with you. That is why we want to make sure that they spend the best time possible and that they feel special all along your wedding.

Legal and paperwork

Getting legally married in France is not that easy. So we are also here to indicate you everything you have to do depending on which type of wedding you want.