Nails for your wedding. Which shade to choose?

You are getting married but don’t know how to style your nails for your wedding? Here are a few ideas to help you decide!

Nude nail polish

It might look simple but choosing a nude nail polish is a timeless manner to style your nails for your wedding. Also, choosing a nude nail polish means that your nails won’t compete with your dress on pictures. Just think about what you want the focus to be on.
Also, a good nude should compliment your skin tone. So, do not take any nude nail polish.

The French

If you chose to keep your look all white for your wedding, you can then choose to do a french manicure! This way you will still have this white touch on your nails but in a subtle and sophisticated manner!

Thematic nails

If you chose a theme for your wedding or if you have a really specific color palette, you can then decide to choose your nail polish to match this theme! For example, if one of the colors of your wedding is lilac you can also choose this color for your nails.

Add glitters!

This might be the most beautiful day of your life and this is definitely YOUR day!
So, why not celebrate the joy and beauty of this moment by adding some glitters to your nails? This will be a party look in the details!

That something blue

So, if you listen to traditions, you should have something blue to get married. If you don’t know where to add this blue touch, your nails might be a great and simple idea!

As we just saw there are so many great possibilities for your wedding nails!
So, what style do you prefer for your wedding nail polish?

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