Wedding hairstyles for short hair. Find the perfect one!

When considering your wedding hairstyle, having short hair should not be a constraint in any way! Nowadays, and more than ever, there are so many hairstyles for brides with short hair that look just incredible!
So, whether you have a lob, a bob, a pixie or really short hair, there is a wedding hairstyle that will fit you perfectly!
Therefore, here is a selection of different types of wedding hairstyles for short hair!

The wavy!

Perfect for a lob or a bob, the wavy always looks incredible and his a perfect way to simply style hair for a bride look!

The braids

Braids are, for example, absolutely perfect for a bohemian wedding!

Use accessories!

When choosing wedding hairstyles for short hair, accessories always add something to the look! From crowns to pins, there are wedding hair accessories for all styles of brides! If you are looking for hair accessories here is an article listing the best Etsy vendors for wedding hair accessories.

So, as you saw, having short hair doesn’t mean having fewer hairstyle options. There are so many beautiful ways to style short hair for a wedding!

Then, if you had to choose one hairstyle for your wedding which one would it be?


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