4 vendors on Etsy for your wedding hair jewelry

Etsy is a great source for any type of wedding jewelry. But there is so much choice that it is difficult to find the thing you are looking for.
So, here is a selection of 4 Etsy vendors for your wedding hair jewelry.

For a large selection of jewelry on Etsy

Allure Wedding Jewelry covers absolutely all your needs for wedding jewelry. From a bridal comb to earrings and necklaces you will find everything you need with this Etsy vendor!

If you live in the US, great news the vendor is located in Texas so the shipping should be quite fast!

For a boho wedding look

If you want a boho look for your wedding, Blue Sky Horizons might be a great Etsy vendor for your hair accessories! Just have a look at their amazing hair vines and delicate belts!

Here is a selection of some of their hair accessories!

For delicate wedding hair jewelry

Dareth Colburn Designs is definitely a favorite! All the wedding hair jewelry from this vendor is so delicate and looks so precious! It’s just beautiful!
This Etsy vendor is also located in the US. So, if you live there you can have fast shipping!

For some flowers and greenery in your hair

If you want to add some flowers or greenery to your hairstyle Wild Rose and Sparrow might be the right Etsy vendor for you!
They have a huge selection of hair combs and hairpins that are full of nature!

So, this selection of Etsy vendors for wedding hair jewelry is finished!

Which one would you choose for your wedding?

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