Destination wedding in Europe: destinations ideas

Europe has so much to offer for a destination wedding. Whether you’re looking for a beach wedding or a chic city wedding you’ll find the perfect destination for your destination wedding in Europe.
Here is our selection of the best destinations for your wedding in Europe.

Paris destination wedding

A destination wedding in Paris is perfect if you’re looking for a chic and romantic destination wedding.
It is a great destination to consider for your destination wedding in Europe as Paris is full of beautiful wedding venues like luxurious hotels, impressive châteaux and private mansions.

Why Paris for a destination wedding?

  • Easily accessible by plane and train
  • Romantic and historical city
  • Lots of venues
  • Tons of activities for you and your guests
  • Lots of great wedding vendors


Paris is great all year long. You can choose to have a spring/summer wedding in Paris for a warm weather but it is also charming during the winter season for a Christmas or NYE wedding in a luxurious hotel for example.

For which type of wedding?

  • An elegant château wedding
  • A wedding in a luxurious hotel with a ceremony on the rooftop with a view on all the city
  • A wedding with a lot of activities
  • A wedding where your guests don’t need a car

Amalfi coast destination wedding

Amalfi coast is a great seaside wedding destination. For your destination wedding in Europe, we would advise you to consider Amalfi coast if you’re looking for a summer wedding with great food and amazing views of the sea.

Why Amalfi coast for a destination wedding?

  • Venues with an amazing view on the sea
  • A great weather
  • Pizza (napolitan pizzas are the best)
  • For an outside ceremony and reception (great weather + beautiful gardens is the great combo of the amalfi coast)


Amalfi coast is great for a spring/summer destination wedding. We would not advise a late autumn or winter wedding there as this is a seasonal destination.

For which type of wedding?

  • An outside ceremony and / or reception
  • For luxurious seaside villas with amazing gardens
  • For foodies (this destination is full of tasty food)

Provence destination wedding

Imagine your destination wedding surrounded by lavender fields and great weather for an outside ceremony and reception. This is what a Provence destination wedding looks like!

Why Provence for a destination wedding?

  • Dreamy landscapes
  • Tasty local specialties
  • Warm weather
  • Lots of beautiful venues and great wedding vendors


The best season for a Provence wedding is during spring/summer and early autumn. Provence has a great weather from May until early october. But you might want to avoid August as the weather gets really hot during this month.

For which type of wedding?

  • For a wedding surrounded by lavender fields
  • For an outside wedding next to a beautiful Mas Provençal
  • For a wedding surrounded by nature
  • For a château wedding (Provence has a lot of beautiful châteaux)
wedding in provence

Santorini destination wedding

This wedding destination is one to consider if you’re looking for an outside wedding with a beautiful sea view and perfect weather.
Your wedding ceremony in Santorini could take place on a rooftop with a view on the sea and on all the beautiful blue and white traditional houses of Santorini.
Your next day brunch could be on a catamaran with all your loved ones. You would enjoy the view on the coast and a great Mediterranean brunch.

Why Santorini for a destination wedding?

  • For a summer holiday vibe with all your loved ones
  • Tasty greek food
  • Island vibe
  • For some boat activities


Santorini is a destination for a spring / summer wedding. In autumn and winter a lots of shops are closed and it’s really windy.

For which type of wedding?

  • For a next day brunch on a catamaran
  • For a rooftop wedding with a view on the sea
  • For an outdoor wedding with a spectacular scenery
  • For a beach type wedding but without sand on your feet

Tuscany destination wedding

Tuscany is one of the favourites wedding destinations in Italy. With its spectacular scenery and its warm weather it is a great destination for the ones who want a wedding surrounded by nature.

Why Tuscany for a destination wedding?

  • For dreamy landscapes
  • To discover typical and charming villages
  • Warm weather during most of the year


Tuscany has a great weather during spring summer and autumn. As there is not much rain in this destination, it is great for an outdoor wedding.

For which type of wedding?

  • For a wedding surrounded by nature
  • For a wedding in a beautiful Tuscan villa
  • For an outdoor wedding with a warm weather and a dreamy landscape

French Riviera destination wedding

If you’re looking for a trendy and chic destination the French Riviera is definitely the place to consider. With beautiful beaches and some luxury wedding venues, the french riviera is perfect if you’re looking for a luxury beach wedding.

wedding french riviera
Claire Eyos

Lake Como destination wedding

Lake Como is the destination if you’re looking for a luxury wedding in a beautiful villa that is easily accessible by transports.
Lake Como is surrounded by beautiful villas that you can access by boat (and this is how you can make your dream entrance).

Why Lake Como for a destination wedding?

  • Easy access by plain as it is 1h drive from Milan
  • Lots of historical, prestigious and magnificient villas
  • Moving around in beautiful wood boats


Summer! Lake como weather is not great during early spring, autumn and winter as it is really rainy.

For which type of wedding?

  • For a wedding in a luxury historical villa
  • For an international wedding (easy access)
  • For a boat entrance for your wedding ceremony (yes this is a thing)
  • For an outdoor ceremony with a view on the lake
wedding venue lake como
wedding lake como

Venice destination wedding

Venice is definitely a unique wedding destination for a destination wedding in Europe. This is the perfect wedding destination if you would like a city wedding with amazing food and where all your guests will arrive by gondola.

Why Venice for a destination wedding?

  • Once again: gondola! This will quickly become your favorite means of transport
  • A beautiful city with lots of historical sites to discover
  • Lots of wedding venues


Summer as Venice is rainy and subject to floods during early spring, autumn and winter.
In summer the weather is great as it is not too warm. In august, you can expect around 25°C during the day.

For which type of wedding?

  • For a rooftop wedding reception with a view on all the city and the canals
  • For a wedding in a historical villa
  • For a luxury hotel wedding
  • For a wedding with an easy access to all types of activities
destination wedding in europe

This is the end of this list. I hope you found your perfect destination. If you’re looking for a wedding planner to help you create your dream destination wedding in Europe, don’t hesitate to contact us. We’d love to help you make this wedding unique and unforgettable.

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