When to get married? Picking your perfect date

You got engaged and you now want to determine when to get married to your soulmate. First of all, congratulations for that!
The choice of your perfect date is very personal. So, I cannot tell you what is the best date for your wedding.
But I will show you all the different factors to think about so that you can determine what is YOUR perfect date.

The season

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Picture your dream wedding. Is that a day in the mountains with snow and hot chocolate? Or on a beach sipping your favorite cocktail?
The season is a really important factor when looking for your perfect date. Depending on your location, it will be really difficult to have snow in summer and to enjoy the beach in chilly winter.

The flowers

You always dreamed of dahlia for your wedding? Then do not get married in spring or winter.
Some flowers have short seasons, so look at the seasonality of each flower to see how you picture your wedding.

Your dress

You want a bridal gown that is backless? Then, it is better to get married in the summer!
If you already know what type of dress you want for your wedding, then picture yourself wearing this dress during different times of the year.

Your budget

It is important to consider your budget when looking for your perfect wedding date.
Summer weddings are the most wanted so this is the moment when venues will have the highest price.

Previous years weather

If you want more information on the weather of each month, you can have a look at the temperatures of the previous years.
This might help you determine what month to consider, considering how you picture your wedding.

Holidays: Pros and Cons

Holidays thematic

If you always dreamed of having a Christmas wedding because this is your favorite time of the year, then go ahead! Holidays allow couples to have really strong wedding themes.


If you plan your wedding during the holiday season, it is possible that some of your guests won’t be able to make it to your wedding because of their planned holidays!


If you want to have a destination wedding, think about the price of a plane ticket during the holiday season. This will increase a lot the price of your wedding.
If it’s not a destination wedding but your guests do need accommodations, also take into consideration the fact that hotel prices might be much higher.

A special date for you

A love date

You got engaged on a special date and you want to keep the same anniversary? Then why not keeping this same symbolic date?
It can also be the date you first met or the one you started dating!

To commemorate

Is there someone you want to commemorate? A loved one that you want to celebrate?
Then you might choose a specific date based on this factor.

Dates to avoid

Work schedule

When choosing your wedding date, it is important to also consider your work schedule.
If you are an accountant, it might be difficult for you to get married during the year-end balance sheet.
Or if you have a shop and you know most of your sales are during the summer holidays, you might prefer to choose another season for your wedding.
This factor will not necessarily change when you want to get married but it’s always great to choose a wedding date where you will be able to fully enjoy the day and to totally disconnect from your work.

Vendors availabilities

If you want to get married in a specific venue or to have a photographer you love, ask them their availabilities. Top venues and vendors can have really full seasons, so if you want them you might need to adapt.

Ask your loved ones

There might be specific people you absolutely want to be there for your wedding. Before choosing any date, ask them when they are available so that you do not get disappointed!


Most weddings are on Saturdays. Saturdays allow your guests to enjoy your wedding until the end of the night without having to take a day off the day of your wedding or the day after.
So, when considering weekdays, think about the fact that some of your guests might not come because of their work.
A special case where you can plan your wedding on weekdays is for destination weddings. If you want to make your guests travel for your wedding and you want them to stay with you for more than one day, then they might need to take some days off anyway, so why not choose a weekday!

Engagement length

Engagement length planned? Do not rush because it is expensive

If that’s important for you

It might be really important for you to stay engaged for a certain amount of time.
If that’s the case, then you might need to adapt the date of your wedding depending on when you got engaged.
Maybe that’s not a criterion for you, but it’s always good to ask yourself this question.

Do not rush

If you want to get married just a few months after your engagement, it is important to consider the fact that last-minute weddings are more expensive. Also, fewer venues and vendors are available for last-minute bookings.
You can always plan your wedding in a short period of time. But this might result in something more costly and maybe not exactly as you wanted.

So, did you choose your wedding date? If yes, why did you choose this specific date?


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