6 tips for a winter wedding where you can fully enjoy

Having a winter wedding can be really magical, cozy and romantic! But it also means that you might have a colder and unpredictable weather.
So here are a few tips and tricks to help you have your dream winter wedding!

1. Get some winter accessories

If you are planning to have a winter wedding, the weather might be really cold. So, two good ideas might be to get a stole to stay warm all along your special day or to, at least, choose a long sleeve wedding dress!

2. Tights

If your dress is long enough, wear warm tights under your dress.

3. Bridesmaid cover-ups

You also want your bridesmaid to fully enjoy your special day with you. So, plan cover-ups for them so that they do not get cold!

4. Keep guest warms

All your guests will be there to celebrate you. So, to make sure they are fully able to enjoy your wedding, a nice gesture would be to have a basket of blankets and some hot drinks. Such as a hot chocolate station for example!

5. Umbrellas

If a part of your wedding will be outside or if you plan to take wedding pictures outside, having beautiful umbrellas might be a lifesaver! Also if it starts raining and you have to transit between the church and your venue this umbrella will really help you keep your outfit intact!

6. Hand warmers

Having cold hands during your wedding might be unpleasant and might not look good on the pictures. So, having some hand warmers for you and your guests will definitely be a nice gesture.

So, with all these tips, you are now reading to have a fabulous winter wedding where you can fully enjoy your special day with all your loved ones!

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