Heatwave on your wedding day: A few tips!

You planned to get married in the summer. Usually, this means sunshine and nice weather. But depending on where you get married, there might be a heatwave on your wedding day and you need to prepare for that!
So, here are a few tips to help you keep your wedding 100% enjoyable for you and your guests in case of high temperatures!

For your guests

Warn them

Maybe all your guests didn’t plan this heatwave for your wedding day. So, the first step is for sure to tell them. The best advice you can give them is to wear a light and fluid outfit in a natural material such as silk, linen or cotton.

Special attention they won’t forget

Your guests might spend most of your special day under the sun. If that’s the case there are a few special attention they will definitely love!
Parasols: In case your ceremony is under the sun, a beautiful way to keep your guests cool is to offer them small parasols they will hold. It will be beautiful on pictures!
Fans: Paper fans are also great presents for your guests. It will definitely help them get some air.
Hats: Planning to offer your guests beautiful hats will also look great on pictures. At least your guests won’t have to hold them!
Sunglasses: You don’t want your guests to have their eyes closed on most of the pictures because of the sun? Then another special attention is to prepare sunglasses for all of them.
Sunscreen: Your guests won’t be well covered as they do not want to get too hot. So, it is important to plan sunscreen for them so that they do not spend their time hiding from the sun.
Water spray: If you plan some water sprays for your guests and yourself, keep it in the fridge for it to stay cold!
Flip flops: Heatwave and high temperatures in general also mean swollen feet! Planning flip flops for your guests will help them to feel at ease and to dance all night long!

For the bride

Makeup and hairstyle: If there is a heatwave on your wedding day, you might sweat. It is then better to plan a light make up so that it doesn’t start running. Also, plan some mattifying wipes for some makeup touch-up to look fabulous all day long!
For your hairstyle, keep your hair attached! Having your hair all along your neck on a very hot day is very unpleasant. If you have frizzy hair, ask your hairstylist a really tight bun.

Outfit: If you didn’t buy your wedding dress yet, choose one with a fluid and light material.
Also, a gown with natural materials such as silk or cotton will help you stay cooler.

Protection: If you choose a dress with a revealing neckline, a backless or just with uncovered shoulders, apply sunscreen regularly on those different parts. This also applies to your face. So choose a foundation with a high SPF.

For the groom

If you don’t want to be soaked in sweat for your wedding day, it is important to plan at least one spare shirt.
Also, when choosing your wedding suit, prefer natural and light materials such as linen, cotton, and silk.
Finally, protect from the sun with sunscreen all along the day. This will help you prevent from being all red on pictures.

Some refreshments


To make sure you and your guests spend a perfect day under the sun, it is important to plan a large amount of adapted drinks.
First of all, give your guests bottles of water to stay hydrated all day long.
Also, do know that sun and alcohol don’t get along really well.
So, plan some lemonade, iced tea, fruit juice, and flavored water.
If you want to offer some alcohol while being under the sun, choose a beer tap. Guests always love it and it will help them to cool down.

Ice cream bar

Cooling down does not necessarily comes from drinks!
An ice cream bar is a great idea for a cool snack on your wedding day! Think about having various flavors so that everyone can have something he likes.
If you want to entertain your guests in a creative manner, Ice Roll offers a service of ice cream bar where they make the ice cream in front of you!

To stay cool

Fans: Plan multiple fans for your ceremony and the night of your wedding!

Timing: Avoid having your ceremony at the beginning of the afternoon. It is better to have it between 4 pm and 6 pm so that you and your guests don’t get too hot.

Parasol: Plan some parasols to create some shade.
Also, the days are longer in summer. So, if your diner is outside, plan parasols around the tables.

Chairs: This is a point a lot of people forget. If your ceremony or diner is outside, plan appropriate chairs. Metallic chairs will get very hot under the sun. So, think about this point when choosing your chairs.

Flowers: You are not the only one who wants to stay cool! Choosing inappropriate flowers for your wedding day might result in flowers that won’t look good at the end of the day.
Forget spring flowers and choose summer flowers that are used to tolerate high temperatures.
An alternative is also to choose dried flowers.

Choice of the venue

You are only starting to plan your wedding and you didn’t choose your venue yet? Great news, here are a few tips to help you choose the perfect venue in case of a heatwave on your wedding day!

Shade: Choose a venue where you will be able to stay in the shade outside when it gets too hot. If your ceremony is outside, this is an important point to consider!

A swimming pool: When choosing your venue, why not consider a space with a swimming pool? This will enable you and your guests to stay cool on your special day or on the next day if you organize a brunch!

Air conditioning: If you get married in France, know that it is really common for venues not to have air conditioning. So, ask the venues. Having air conditioning will help you and your guests fully enjoy the day and dance all night long without being limited by the heatwave.

And you? What advice would you apply if you had a heatwave on your wedding day?
If you have any other advice, add them in comments!

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