First dance: 20 songs and some advice

You are wondering what song you should choose for your wedding first dance? Then, you are in the right place.
This blog post will explain to you what type of song to choose depending on the atmosphere you are looking for and we will give you 20 examples of great songs for your first dance!

What type of first dance?

It is important to know that a lot of songs could be perfect for a wedding first dance. But they would not all be great depending on the atmosphere you want to have for this beautiful moment with your soulmate.
So, here are a few questions you should ask yourself to find your perfect song for your wedding first dance!

Sentimental or punchy?

Do you want this first dance to be a moment full of emotions and tenderness? Or do you prefer a moment full of energy with a lot of rhythms?

For example, Treasure from Bruno Mars would be perfect for a dance full of energy and fun. Whereas All Of Me from John Legend would be perfect for a really romantic and soft one.

With or without a choreography?

Do you want to plan a whole choreography to amaze all your guests? Or do you prefer to have a slow dance with your other half for a more intimate moment?

If you want to make a choreography, look at the part “A choreography to impress your guests”.
If you think you are not capable of doing a choreography, that’s wrong! But you might need to take some classes before your big day.
You can also decide to secretly take some dance classes before your wedding to surprise your soulmate. Guaranteed to impress!

Modern or old-school?

Are you looking for a relatively new song that is one of your current favorites? Or do you prefer a classic song that you and your guests can sing all together?

It all depends on your tastes! But if you want your guests to know the song from your wedding dance, think about what is their style of music.

What emotion gives you this song?

When choosing a song for your wedding first dance, think about what this song means to you. Does it tell your story? Or is it a song where the love story makes your dreamy? Or is that simply a song that you like to sing?

Also, listen carefully to the lyrics of the songs. You can find in some “first dance song” blog posts, that some songs they recommend have pretty sad lyrics. This would not be great to start this new chapter of your life!

What memory from this first dance?

When you will think about your first dance years later, what memory do you want to have from this beautiful moment?
Do you want to remember a beautiful moment of complicity and tenderness? Or do you want to remember a moment where you really had so much fun?

Once again, both answers are right. It just needs to be what YOU want. So, think about what memory you want from this precious moment.

Just the two of you? Or with your loved ones?

This is a very personal point. If you don’t feel comfortable dancing in front of all your loved ones, that’s ok! You can totally ask your bridesmaids and groomsmen to participate. You can also create a choreography all together! Or just ask everyone to dance!

The most important is that you feel comfortable with all your choices. This is your special day, so do it the way you want it!

Now, here are some examples of first dance songs for each and every taste!

For a romantic and sentimental first dance

Ed Sheeran knows how to create beautiful sentimental and romantic songs! Perfect talks about the fact that he found the perfect girl for him and he explains why this girl is such a match for him.
This song is perfect for a slow dance or a waltz. If you want to make a choreography on this song, here is a great example.

“Your song” from Elton John is such a classic but it is absolutely perfect for a romantic and really soft moment.
This song with be perfect for a slow dance.

“Can’t help falling in love” is a song from Elvis Presley. But this cover from Haley Klinkhammer is so soft and sensitive! It would be perfect for a really touching moment.
Tips: If you really love a song, but think it is too fast, with too much rhythm or on the contrary too slow, look at the covers to see if one of them better matches your expectations.

“All Of Me” from John Legend is really common for a wedding first dance. As it is said in the title, the song talks about loving someone completely and being there in the ups and downs.
Perfect for a wedding, no?
This song is perfect for a slow dance or a waltz. Here is an idea of choreography for this song.

“Better Half of Me” talks about feeling complete when you are with your soulmate and feeling at home anywhere with this special someone. A beautiful declaration of love for a first dance!
This song is perfect for a slow dance, a waltz or a more choreographed dance.

“A Thousand Years” from Christina Perri talks about waiting for your soulmate, finally finding him and loving him forever.
If you want to do a choreography on this song, know that there are a lot of videos on Youtube, like this one for example.

For a first dance full of rhythm and energy

“Sugar” from Maroon 5 is great if you want a fun first dance with a lot of energy.
With this song, you can have a fun dance, a choreographed one or dance with all your guests!
If you search on Youtube, you will find videos of couples who did choreographies on this song for their wedding.

“End of time” from Beyonce is a love song full of rhythm that was recently used by Melissa Molinaro as she did a choreography for her husband on their wedding day. Here is the video.
You can also decide to surprise your loved one with a beautiful choreography for your special day! Great way to surprise him or her!
This song is also great is you want all your guests to dance with you. A great way to start the party.

“For You” from Liam Payne and Rita Ora is a good balance between a soft song and one full of rhythm.
Here is an example of choreography on this song. Otherwise, this song is also great for a waltz!

“Love On Top” from Beyonce talks about when you find the right one and you are really happy thanks to this love.
This song is perfect for a simple dance or a funny one or if you want to dance with all your guests.

A choreography to impress your guests

This part is made for you if you want to show off your dancing skills and make sure that everyone will remember this moment due to these impressive dance moves!

“Time of my Life” is for sure a classic for the ones who are looking for a choreographed dance. You can also do a much simpler choreography than the original one. But this song is definitely perfect for the ones who want to do some rock’n’roll dancing!

“Thinking Out Loud” is perfect for the ones who want a choreographed dance and a soft and romantic song at the same time. Here is, for example, the choreography of a couple on this song.
If you want some simple dance moves, no problem this song is also perfect for a slow dance or a waltz.

For a groovy first dance

If you are looking for a soft and groovy song, you are in the right place!

“Can’t take my eyes off you” performed by Lauryn Hill is great if you want a slow song that has some groove. If you would prefer another version of this song, check the one of Frankie Valli.

“LOVE” performed by Joss Stone is a beautiful song for a slow dance with a jazzy and soul side.

To sing loudly on some classics

This beautiful song from Aerosmith is perfect if you are looking for a powerful song with a slow dance.
You can have a slow dance, a waltz or a choreography just like this one.

A classic and a timeless love song!
For the topic of this song, it is all in the title: “I Will Always Love You”.
This song is absolutely perfect for a waltz or a slow dance.

If you want to tell your partner that he illuminates your life? Then “You Are The Sunshine Of My Life” might be a good choice! This song is perfect for a slow dance, a waltz or a choreographed dance.

This song from Bryan Adams is absolutely perfect for a waltz! The only problem, if this is one, the lyrics are so catchy that you might want to sing all along!

For a fun choreography: Bruno Mars

Because yes, Bruno Mars deserves a whole category for wedding songs. He created so many hit songs that are so perfect for first dances!
Here are two examples: Treasure and Marry You.

But, these songs are great if you want a dance full of rhythm. If can be a fun choreographed dance or a dance with your guests!
Also, these songs are perfect to start the party and to get your guests on the dancefloor!

I hope this blog post helped you to find the perfect song for your wedding first dance!

And if you chose the song for your first dance, do not hesitate to tell which one it is in the comments!

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