Maybe you already know where you want to get married in France but maybe not. In this case here is a selection of a few of the French regions to help you decide where to get married.


Also called the city of lights, Paris is definitely a romantic city that is full of life. Having a wedding in Paris also means a lot of possible activities and a romantic landscape all over you. One of the main advantages is that there will be a lot of different venues, caterers, and vendors in general. So, everything to match your wishes.

The French riviera

The best words to describe the French riviera are glamorous and luxury. Having a wedding here means being able to see beautiful beaches with azure-blue waters. Its proximity with Italy also makes it a great place to enjoy delicious pasta. Some of the most famous cities of the French riviera are Saint-Tropez and Nice.

Bordeaux and the wine region

Bordeaux is famous for its wine. So having a wedding in its countryside definitely means being surrounded by amazing wine fields in a hilly landscape. You will then be able to enjoy amazing experiences such as wine tastings in dreamy landscapes.


The countryside of provence has a hilly landscape covered of lavender fields, sunflowers and olive trees. Its scenery definitely looks like a dreamy painting. Here the locals have a melodious accent that just feels like holidays. It also benefits from the mediterran sun which is definitely a great plus.

Basque region

The basque region is well know for its surfing spots and its natural beauty. Its landscapes are a mix of green hills and sandy beaches. More relaxed than the French riviera, it is definitely a great place for the ones looking for a blend of nature and costal area. The basque region is also well known for its culinary specialities with a Spanish influence as it is along the border. Two of the most famous cities of the basque region are Biarritz and Saint-Jean-de-Luz.